Friday, October 30, 2009

Two weeks ago--Burgos

2/4 of my hosts and what great hosts they were.
Someone shares my dislike for taking pictures.
My other host.

I went to Burgos, which if I understood correctly, is competing with several other Spanish cities to be considered the cultural capital of Spain.

Anyway, I was invited there by a very nice family that I had met the weekend before. They housed me and took me around the city.

Stand out things:

The architecture
There are tons of examples of old European architecture. If you're interested in Roman, Gothic, Baroque, or neo classical architecture, then Burgos would definitely be one the places to visit.

The shops
I needed a sweater and some gym things. I found them and more for a reasonable price.

The food
Burgos is famous for it's morcilla, or blood sausage.

The cathedral
They say it's the most beautiful cathedral in Europe.

The castle
The castle has this cool map of the city engraved in the metal encircling the look out point of the castle. See the first picture.

And most importantly, if I'm not mistaking, Burgos was the home of El Cid, an almost mythical figure in Spanish history.

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