Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Madrid and New Years too

I had actually prepared a somewhat meaningful post, but in lieu of not having my notes with me, a quick summary of the past month or so will have to suffice.

In more ways that not, the last month was like the previous months. Students were still students. There were still conversations that flew waaaay over my head. Yoga was still painful. However, I did get to do a bit more travelling. I took advantage of a four day weekend in early December and went to Salamanca and Avila. In Salamanca, I ventured outside of the city into the countryside and took some phenomenal pictures. With some friends, I went to the pueblo of Pena de Francia and observed the city from "such great heights." I believe at one point, we were actually up in the clouds.

Avila was the other city that we visited. It is a city that exists within a city wall, well at least the older section of the city. I enjoyed seeing it, but I don't think there was much to the city beyond the wall. Truth be told though, I 'm done with looking at churches and other old buildings. I know that Spain prides itself on its history, but I'm really more into modern things, like modern architecture, modern art work, etc. If I never see another church, I'll be ok.

I returned from my Salamanca/Avila trip quite refreshed with a new dish to add to the list of Spanish cuisine that I've tried: cocido. It's a soup made from the broth of different meat, with parts of bread and vegetables floating in it. Other than it being too salty, it was alright.

On the 22ncd, we had a lunch (read: snack) with all the teachers followed by an improptu Christmas/popular song session. It was really fun even though I wasn't familiar with many of the songs. Little by little I will understand Spanish culture.

And now I am here in Madrid, up at 5 am typing out my holiday plans. My sisters are with me and shall be here for a week or so. I've never spent New Year's day in a big city before, so I might just take advantage of my being here in Madrid.

Well Christmas is gone, but have a fantastic new year. I hope that 2010 brings good tidings and great surprises.

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  1. Wonderful! I'm glad your seeing new places & I'm glad your sisters are with you, I miss them. Please tell them that Russ & I said hello. I can't believe its that time of the year again, wow. Enjoy Madrid, have a wonderful time. Smile & bring in the New Year. There will be many wonderful opportunities & great surprises in the New Year.